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Post  Hisame on Sat Sep 08, 2012 12:01 pm

Falling asleep at night, I do not quite painful disease shoulder came out again recently. ~ Sigh
Lee Nikkan (Mrs. Ito) A1
Up early!
Lee Nikkan (Mrs. Ito) A2
Today, Sagamihara tournament! Is sleepy, I would want to work hard.
The players had planned participation Seishi Takeda, for "cervical disc injury"
The end of the summer.
Today, the final box office Kasai!
In the heat, please everyone who came, thank you! !
Due to the heat she almost passed out herself

Lee Nikkan (Mrs. Ito) A3
Today's newly released DVD is yo
Lee Nikkan (Mrs. Ito) 1336 That word again
CZW Tournament of Death of Abdullah Kobayashi in June of this year, went to the United States alone the next day after finishing the battle with Takeda! 2-Disc DVD that was recorded to be released as early as is!

Abdullah Kobayashi is not for sale at this time
Lee Nikkan (Mrs. Ito) A4
We have also celebrated this day everyone is Mr. Sekimoto was also adorned victory in K-DOJO.
PC had the effect in the rest of SA is just ... it was ... Papa Hoshino. Indeed! Gen. naked! !
Lee Nikkan (Mrs. Ito) Eck07

Lee Nikkan (Mrs. Ito) A5
swimming in the sea after the game
It is scheduled Abdullah Kobayashi players compete, because there is a "suspicion of fracture" injured in the game yesterday, for closer inspection, and miss. Recovery time is undetermined at this time. Diagnostic results will be announced at a later date. You apologize to everyone of the fans had been looking forward to the game players Kobayashi.
I would personally be very sad not to see Abby

Lee Nikkan (Mrs. Ito) A6
Today, competition red brick!

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