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Post  Hisame on Mon Sep 10, 2012 10:51 pm

the dumplings "bulk" handmade
He says they were made by his daughter-in-law, but that has to be a mistranslation as as far as I know Hashi only has a daughter. Whoever made them they look tasty.
Occurred early this morning I got a ride to the nearest station to the daughter-in-law. Road race seems to be done today, apparently because the general road is fully closed from 8:00. Since buses can not run for a while that happens, I will not be in time for the train and do not leave home before 8:00. It is annoying ...
Sounds like me and my irrational hatred of the Olympics because of how crammed the tube has been I WANT TO SIT AND READ PEOPLE!

Buy "cheese grilled beef bowl" in the vending machine there. Incidentally also buy hot spring egg.

Full holiday tomorrow. Without a plan of any kind, I decided to sleep rotten

A bottle of Mayonnaise of which his daughter (or daughter in law) has drawn a face on.

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