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Post  Hisame on Thu Sep 13, 2012 11:15 pm

Takashi Kikuchi-san passed away.
With Mr Kikuchi, but I never very deep to speak, or when it comes to samurai TV, when greeted at the venue, I was sure to nod with a smile broadly.
At Korakuen tournament before, so I was allowed to greet floor there is a waiting room, next to the toilet a little, but it is still filled with disbelief.
From my heart, I will pray for your souls.
Although many drinks I saw in a convenience store or recently, this
It is the favorite
Masato Tanaka B1-4
Delicious taste, and if me relieve fatigue, before a recent game I'm always drinking.
Masato Tanaka B2-5
Then, after leaving the bath, dinner is located adjacent to the river and then take a bath Tamatsukurionsen popular with women who have skin softening, and sauna, and an outdoor bath, and meals at the inn with a garden
Masato Tanaka B3-4
I was able to go to many places one day, spend the day with the best will in healing and relaxation.
Apparently there were some children there also - Tanaka said the kids were very cute and he played rock, scissors, paper (still a very popular game in Japan) and then he went skateboarding.
Yes. You read that right.
there was a tournament Izumo Dome when I was a little into the FMW, I feel that is not the same as I was at that time.

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