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BLOG:Miwa Sato

Post  Hisame on Tue Sep 18, 2012 10:51 pm

Oranges in Shizuoka newspaper!
Evening doggy!
I don't think Miwa even has a dog....
Many people have lunch alone in the toilet
??? Doesn't sound hygenic

… It's University toilet fitting! many beautiful place
Let's have a show of hands - who here has ever had lunch in a toilet (I'm not talking about KFC), let alone one like that?
Is my sister took this photo at the Nishi-Akashi restaurant toilet!
… The dining and toilet. It is no longer different contents.
Shan't be eating there then
Medical examinations in the city from the other day, we went to.
Lung examination no abnormal!
No hepatitis virus antibody test, abnormal!
No it ~! It was good
Still, as the old occupational diseases? Sometimes becomes painful knees I guess
Not to mention the horrendous mental scarring from having Onita as a boss Wink Seriously though, she thinks that her knee problems might be because she has gained some weight, so much so she has had to tape them.
For lunch today and comes with eating the Oiler, Hyogo Akashi yaki photodetector.

Eggs baked in as fluffy, broth and eat very much ease!

That's Miwa's sister to the left and her neice at the front - don't worry, her sister doesn't normally look like Deisuke Sekimoto. Miwa has messed around with her eyes.

It's so went to lunch on a weekday, the Shinkansen was vacant

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