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Post  Hisame on Wed Sep 19, 2012 11:12 pm

Tidying up the room in discovering things like this.


I wonder if guys want to see?
NO-ONE wants to see whatever that is!

Marufuji - asleep and probably having nightmares about the above.

If anyone is on Facebook here is Yone's

Yone-sama of the house yesterday regulars How many times was it? Held a private party of talk and eat and drink

Tut said while taking a taxi cab curse this curse this taxi curse of Tutankhamun
It appears that the treasures of the tomb (of which one day I shall see for myself) are in Japan at the moment...and Yone has gone...and bought merchandise.
It was interesting to Tutankhamun: The Exhibition
I'm still burning that I missed the Terracotta Warriors exhibition - why oh why did I have to live so far from London at the time!!!

Just when you thought things couldn't get even more disturbing

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