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Post  Hisame on Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:36 pm

Mr. Gannosuke Trink21Onwards with the blog, now I have recovered from the free wine at my brothers wedding...and having to spend time with my relatives.
Toru Sugiura was scheduled to compete in the first game tournament Shinkiba guts world, September 29, will be sidelined by right knee injury.
Age young I had a system attendant still now but it seems not much more I I wonder if we did about three years the attendant of Mr. Goto Tarzan fired immediately falcon'm doing an attendant of Mr. Onita was (laughs) because the term irrational when it rubbed just entered the world of professional wrestling
Hayabusa once said that when it came to Goto Gannosuke was the favourite, he (Hayabusa) was the one that got scolded.
what the job is left after the game and taxi delivery staff engaging in ring road building and first aid kit There were various minor chores, etc. The most important work is the attendant of the top wrestlers
If you didn't fancy building the ring, doing first aid or waiting on the top wrestlers, you could always do the mountain of laundry... or face Onita's jackboot on your neck Wink
Wake up each morning, ready for bath, ready for disinfection, ready for change of clothes and underwear, ready for costume of the game if I was doing three years every single day
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