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Post  Hisame on Mon Jan 14, 2013 12:49 am

miss claw crab porridge pot also sashimi as well
Guess it could be nice, no idea whether he has made it or just eaten it.
Korakuen LEGEND
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Kobayashi condition is perfectly amazing
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THAT'S Kobashi? (note "Kobayashi" is KENTA)
I'm shocked. I genuinely didn't recognise him. At the moment I am watching Kenta Kobashi vs Kensuke Sasaki and I am genuinely stunned. Anyway, while I pick my jaw up off the floor, due to his ill health (and I can't say I am surprised after the cancer treatment and the shock of Misawa's death) Kobashi has now decided to retire.

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On another note, it seems that our pal AKIRA had also turned up.
A house
Drunken friends came
Doesn't sound like NOAH like behaviour (their not even allowed to drink while on tour), must have been ruffians from W*ng Wink
Maybe he was at Yukio Miyamoto's
Anyway, from what I can make out Saito had a bunkbed but no bedding but that didn't deter them, one drunk took the top and the other took the bottom bunk. Then the guy on the top broke wind....

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before returning
A little tea time
If I say, Nagoya ...Noodles, castles, miso katsu, miso stew, chicken wings, etc underground mall

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