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Apache Pro (October 2008) Empty Apache Pro (October 2008)

Post  Hisame on Mon Jan 14, 2013 10:23 pm

Apache Pro (October 2008)
Dead? (Tetsuhiro Kuroda)
Sadly no, he's been out for the past four days living like an owl.
Fri, Sun, I was drinking with the director on Monday and at home. It is completely hangover! Since yesterday was pretty drunk, I was sleeping in the house of the director until early afternoon today! Lol, too much now 18:30. I'm still feeling bad.
I get up at eight in the morning, training in the gym today at 9:00 citizens!
cooking meal pigged out at about 11! I arrived safely at Haneda Airport.
I played a match in the tournament for the first time in a long time local in Hakodate Hakodate Hokuto wrestling yesterday. Oya
From what I can make out its been about five years since he has worked with Oya.
Korakuen tournament XWF 7 days of this month has been canceled. I do not know the situation
I was sleeping at home most of today. My mother is a little filial piety and processing Thurs sushi in the evening we go to!
tag partner support group to a hot spring bath in hot water after its long life, 44 minutes at 2 in the morning! I sleep from now. Good night!
Please God. Don't let his tag partner have been Kanemura.

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