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Post  Hisame on Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:26 pm

BLOG: BXB Hulk A1_zps80feb01a
Looks kind of like Misawa. Miss you old man.
Terepia Hall Nagoya tournament today - currently moving blog has been updated from your phone now
BLOG: BXB Hulk A2_zps8cd8c1f4
tournament has finished Fukuoka Kokusai Center lost ‥ ‥ considerable damage honesty
No idea which yob did this to him
BLOG: BXB Hulk Eck07
Eve end it Maeiwai drink ... not enough dick huh I go because it is wrestler!
BLOG: BXB Hulk A3_zps12f7eaa2
Off after a long series of battles over the best before large Fukuoka Kokusai Center, feel like a million dollars today
BLOG: BXB Hulk A4_zpsaba531f8
Two races Sapporo Winter ~ end if, huh back at the airport and cyber cafe!

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