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Post  Hisame on Fri Jan 18, 2013 9:46 pm

Bull Nakano A4_zpsb91552e3
Everyone, thank you!
Bull Nakano A1_zps333db41b
Amoeba studio guest, the second time
Funky tights

Bull Nakano A2_zps39484304
She got stuck behind this liquor truck that broke down in the snow.
I'm amazed it didn't get jumped by Big Japan.

Bull Nakano A3_zps99a07c09
22 years ago yesterday, the hair match on January 11. I heard it was also the day of January 11 in a retirement ceremony JD (Women's Pro Wrestling Yoshimoto)
Bull Nakano A5_zps618f6c14Bull Nakano A6_zpse58e4e47
Everyone! Thank you
It was her birthday

Bull Nakano A7_zps1afd8235
Apparently this display is in the toilet.

Bull Nakano A8_zpsd4e8d3e1
Oh! Second co-cake
Bull Nakano A9_zps9663bdc8Bull Nakano A10_zps512db692Bull Nakano A11_zps579e98e5
I may have come a little drunk
There aint no party like a Joshi party! Her birthday celebrations went on for three days!

Bull Nakano A12_zps277f1e53
This cake was made for her by her staff
I'll leave it to your imagination.

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