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Post  Hisame on Sun Feb 10, 2013 10:44 pm

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Shige-chan from Saga Prefecture
Oyster has been sent.
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Remember the old days ...
Work hard towards a dream feeling revived!
Tears were coming out sounding so hot in my chest but her words one by one to Kyou Narikiri Chikusa, Hitomi-chan has become Asuka cut.
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Game finished
There were two "games" (matches) apparently
The first game LLPW ยท X Harley Saito retirement ceremony
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The second one was Diana X and she suffered knee pain all the way through it

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YesterdayThank you to everyone who came to the face.
Megumi Kudo was the guest referee apparently

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Best smile because you win
(^ ^) V
In the waiting room.
Dump Matsumoto A6_zpsf06df42cDump Matsumoto A7_zps108868d6
Megumi Kudo Christmas a little early
Lol, Dump makes a cute chubby little reindeer!

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