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Post  Hisame on Sat Jun 01, 2013 11:26 am

Careless ... the heat and cough After sleeping naked in open window
release of the CD for the first time in three years has been decided
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Planning events Megumi Kudo of 6/22 (Saturday), "Happy Share With" flyer arrival
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Retirement match of Kobashi's, was a great tournament.
Misawa, who could not retirement match" of Kobashi's was stain.
I think what Hayabusa means is that Kobashi had wanted his retirement match to be against Misawa.
Today's retirement match of Kobashi's. When I was troubled, and watching the figure of Kobashi's defying the wall in front of the full chest "If you fight with this person,. something might change," I thought so. Without the presence of Kobashi's, falcon might not hang in there. Even after the injury, I had the courage to figure of Kobashi's to fight disease.
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Golden Week is over, feeling fully charged
(Yes, that is Gannosuke in front of Hayabusa, looks like Marufuji and Ishimori from NOAH are also there, as well as seemingly Crixus from Spartacus at the back Wink)

From a memoir:
father continued yelling and then as the floodgates. My mother's crying after that, I know without looking up. Every word of the father, sobbing voice of my mother was the only stain.
His parents reaction to his dropping out of high school and quitting the job he had lined up in an office to be a wrestler. They even disowned him for a while.
While the part-time worker life and dizzy, do not even think also of the future, have not been also efforts such as this. 100% correct that the old man said. There was no where is room for rebuttal. I wonder passed over an hour. that the father also say might have been lost, silence dominated again, only my mother sobs rang
Was the 20th anniversary of the box office debut of Masato Tanaka yesterday.
I had noodles for the first time this year I love noodles
He says he has loved them since he was a child, and he has eaten too much of them. Apparently he also watched CSI: NY (which I don't watch anymore as I think its got stupid)
I saw the "Sunset Gunman" which has been recorded
A Clint Eastwood film

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Daytime surrounded by flowers in the Kamata Station

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