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Post  Hisame on Wed Jun 26, 2013 11:26 pm

massage after the shampoo and cut is finished
Although it looks like it, his barber isn't CIMA.

Not quite sure why TARU looks like he is thinking of eating that guy that brother "Yasshi" is pointing at.

Identity of the egg ...

eggs was turtle-chan
are addicted to miso soup recent

Unlike the practice, heavy body the next day that game. In the game you can hit or beaten or thrown or thrown ... I will hurt yeah here and there the next game
Niigata prefectural tournament (Sanjo welfare hall) Nakajima Katsuhiko Sasaki Kensuke set VS Saito Akira Takashi Ogawa Yoshinari set Sasaki-san, from Saito players in the Northern Lights last victory

River and green mountains.
I think this is his home town where he will be on the 27th July

I ate for the first time in many years
From what I can make out this delicacy is a steamed bun

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