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Post  Hisame on Wed Jun 26, 2013 11:26 pm

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massage after the shampoo and cut is finished
Although it looks like it, his barber isn't CIMA.

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Not quite sure why TARU looks like he is thinking of eating that guy that brother "Yasshi" is pointing at.

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Identity of the egg ...
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eggs was turtle-chan
are addicted to miso soup recent
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Unlike the practice, heavy body the next day that game. In the game you can hit or beaten or thrown or thrown ... I will hurt yeah here and there the next game
Niigata prefectural tournament (Sanjo welfare hall) Nakajima Katsuhiko Sasaki Kensuke set VS Saito Akira Takashi Ogawa Yoshinari set Sasaki-san, from Saito players in the Northern Lights last victory
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River and green mountains.
I think this is his home town where he will be on the 27th July

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I ate for the first time in many years
From what I can make out this delicacy is a steamed bun

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