W*ING Commercial list (All W*ING Tapes ever released)

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W*ING Commercial list (All W*ING Tapes ever released)

Post  MatsunagaGOD on Wed Mar 21, 2012 5:02 pm

The list is split into three parts, the first are the original W*ING (1991 - 1994), the second are the re-starts and FMW financed W*ING and the third part is the best of comps. Their are NO other tapes out there, if so they are bootlegs.

Take Off-1st (07/08/1991 & 17/08/1991)
Take Off-2nd (19/09/1991)
Sky High Again (10/12/1991)
Be Dreamers (16/02/1992)
Who's The Danger (08/03/1992)
Scaffold Match (11/03/1992 & 13/03/1992)
Desire For Blood (05/04/1992)
Dead Or Alive (07/05/1992)
Climbing Up (11/06/1992)
One Night One Soul (02/08/1992) AKA Fire Death Match
Be Ambitious (15/08/1992) AKA Sky High Again '92
We Love W*ING (20/12/1992)
Are You Ready? For New Blood (07/01/1993) * The Company who released the complete of W*ING tapes re-released this event
Party Is Over!? (03/02/1993 & 05/02/1993)
Danger Road (20/03/1993 & 05/05/1993) AKA Rose Colored Future
Who Is Emporer Of The Death Match (09/05/1993 & 27/05/1993) AKA Dog In The Box
World Stage (18/06/1993) AKA Moonlight Death Match
Jinginaki Ring (11/07/1993 & 25/08/1993) AKA Champ '93, AKA Hollywood Nightmare
Odawara Blazing Night (31/10/1993) AKA Odawar Brazing Night
Jinginaki Ring Bloody Wildness Version (26/11/1993, 02/12/1993 & 14/01/1994) AKA Most Dangerous Tag Wars '93, AKA My Heart W*ING, AKA Born To Be W*ING
We Are W*ING (11/02/1994 & 15/02/1994)

Resurection - Return To The Blood (25/03/1995)
The Curse Of The Barbed Wire Bat (04/06/1995)
New W*ING Take Off 2nd (12/06/1996) AKA Takes Off 1st, AKA Take Off
W*ING World (11/09/1996) AKA 2nd Takes Off
Next Generation '97 (13/07/1997)
The Name Of W*ING Take Off Again (22/04/2001)

Danger Zone - W*ING '92 (Best of comp)
The Complete of W*ING Part 1 (Best of comp)
The Complete of W*ING Part 2 (Best of comp)
The Complete of W*ING Part 3 (Best of comp


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