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Post  Hisame on Thu Mar 22, 2012 8:43 am

Dragon Kid 1-171
Today was a great tournament Isanuma.
And from what I can make out his mother may have been in the crowd
Dragon Karaoke Kid theme song request!
Dragon Kid 2-144
Tsushima was convention venue! Karaoke is a request of "Jamais-vu" the theme song of my JOYSOUND, currently # 190!
The song is available on smartphone and iphone app apparently.
Severe cold in the dojo, I die. Are concentrated in the practice. However, it is cold.
Treatment of the eye is a year from 2011! As always, even after treatment is clean feeling! It also taught me the cause of the pain, and how to protect the practice has become more healthy! Korakuen is the day after tomorrow, I will take you pounding!
Dragon Kid 3-122Dragon Kid 4-101
But before he "takes you pounding" its been his birthday and in usual Dragongate style an elaborate cake has been rolled out

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