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Post  Hisame on Fri Mar 23, 2012 8:46 am

It was a tournament Kisarazu.
Dump Matsumoto 1-172Dump Matsumoto 2-145
Megumi Kudo.
Come around to the waiting room at 12:30 pm
Dump is very jealous - Megumi was eating sweets and donughts and does not get fat!
nostalgic photo
Dump Matsumoto 3-123Dump Matsumoto 4-102Dump Matsumoto 5-77
There are many photos with Asuka.
I lived in it with rookie era
Human ^ ー ^) was a good friend from (^ ー ^.
(By the time there was a friendship) I want to return to those days.
Dump Matsumoto 7-40
Once again ...
Once again ...
I want to look like the old days
Dump Matsumoto 8-29Dump Matsumoto 9-20Dump Matsumoto 12-7Dump Matsumoto 13-3
This morning
To about 7.30
Journey to the position you were in heaven.
18 years and 6 months.
Her little dog has died after being quite old and infirm Sad He has been buried in a pet cemetary
Bleaching at home today after cut
Dump Matsumoto 10-15
Always use guy
Mr. Onita and forgot to copy memory game was 24
The truth is Mr. Onita greeting staff also feels even under low Do the waist!
I don't know what any of that means exactly but the banner on this site gives a worrying image of "below the waist"

Dump Matsumoto 11-13
35th anniversary performance Onita
Its actually quite a cute picture

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