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Post  Hisame on Sun Mar 25, 2012 10:40 am

Early morning in Mexico. . .
Then, I wake up at night with jet lag. . .
Morning, and I'm up early - and gain.
I like to look at the scenery!
Went to see the Flamenco Dancers while in Mexico
12:05 I go back to Mexico City on Mexicana Airlines from London.
Does ALOT of travelling
Later, I got the shopping in Santa Monica!
2 meeting tomorrow.
Then I go back to Mexico in late-night flights. . .
Exhausted by jet lag. . .
Lie now. . .
Has become unused to Japan's cold climate after living for so long in Mexico.
Sunny finally!
But I still cold. . .
Buys his glittery cloak material in downtown Los Angeles

Spent New Year in Mexico and visited an old shrine in Teotihuacan City.
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