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Post  Hisame on Tue Mar 27, 2012 9:06 am

The Great Sasuke
NGO Japan Healthcare Promotion Association
has been enthusiastically cheer! ! ! !
Center Momoo Ishinomaki (Sat) at 17:00, April 07
Michinoku Pro Wrestling
"Charity tournament reconstruction," the main event
(Fri) at 20:00, April 13 crowded Whoa (JR Sobu Line Koiwa Station)
"The Great Sasuke on Reconstruction Assistance to Earthquake East
12th regular meeting crowded Charity "Whoops

Special guest? ? ?
5,000 yen per person membership fee
-all-you-can-drink with meals (

/ To the Japanese Red Cross Society a portion of the proceeds
will be donated as East Earthquake Relief. )
(Kawasaki-machi, Miyagi Prefecture) Michinoku Eco Camp April 28-29
"12 Rock Festival vomiting"
Completed tomorrow! ! Black Swan! !
You know what "Black Swan" is right? If you don't its about ballet, Sasuke certainly knows what it is about because....
Man full of ballet competitions! ! ! ! Why macho dance also? ! Also bought Hayate? ? ! ! It was sight to see! ! But the seat of prima donna is mine! !
Finally, tomorrow's main eight man tournament ballet! ! !
Shocked Shocked
And what do you win for competiting in this desturbing display?
Prize winner 's or hamburger. Now, because it is in weight loss of Mac hamburger Patty only if you can eat. 80% lean 20% fat in 100% cow.
For some reason, the Black Swan ยท an offer. But did not intend to dance another black wings because there was not a throw away after a long time decided to dance.
Prior to all this horror he has picked up an injury - severe sprain of the cervical spine.
The 12th Queen contest mature woman
It hasn't all been swans, tutu's and demi plies however, he's judged a lingerie competition.

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