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Post  Hisame on Wed Mar 28, 2012 9:19 am

BLOG: Hayabusa 1-175
I 'm looking forward to the taste of home cooking ...
He's back home in Kumamoto to do some singing (not that this picture has anything to do with it, I just couldn't think of where else to post it)
That of the Ministry of the Environment has decided to tolerate the development of quasi-national park in the geothermal power generation. Japan'm a proud country the amount of geothermal reserves in the world of top class, most of them apparently in the park located in the quasi-National. And yet, @ @ Wink (surprised that was not observed in geothermal development only in its six locations in the waste. Recent unstable, what is also an effective means of solving energy problems in the economy and everyone feeling of soaring oil prices and nuclear power plant accident
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This arrived in the post
With "come back to Mexico falcon" cover headline of the latest issue of "Superuruchasu" Mexican wrestling magazine (on sale tomorrow on site)!
Since the last Mexico... guys remember 15 years too, and I thanks for your time really appreciate ^ ^
Is going to live at the venue do!
BLOG: Hayabusa 4-103
Yesterday we bother you, kamata high school!
The children asked him why he was wearing a pink mask!

BLOG: Hayabusa 5-78
Afterwards he met up with old friends Kuroda and Kyoko Inoue (who I believe had some kind of marriage storyline in FMW)

BLOG: Hayabusa 6-50
At the nursery he visited the children joined in with "adore" (look at the two at the front covering their faces)
Bright future is coming! Enjoy it now!
You have to admire how optimistic Hayabusa is - I am not in his situation and I am often gloomy about everything.

BLOG: Hayabusa 7-41
Of the harbor Yotsukura Road Station Kickout who I was I am allowed to participate this time I was allowed free distribution of over 2,000 Food 1,500 seaweed soup
Hayabusa has been in Fukushima (the site of the neuclear disaster and one of the worst places hit by the tsunami) for the rememberance services
of the time the earthquake: 46, silent prayer at all, behind a pile of fishing boats was immediately followed by venue ยท flowers.
BLOG: Hayabusa 9-21
I felt the reality once again
BLOG: Hayabusa 8-30BLOG: Hayabusa 10-16
Remembering those lost to the wave

BLOG: Hayabusa 11-14
Performing at the harbour

BLOG: Hayabusa 12-8
After eating delicious sea urchin rice
Anyway Continued next time

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