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Post  Hisame on Fri Mar 30, 2012 11:19 am

Shinjuku today
Jacky Numazawa 1-177Jacky Numazawa 2-150Jacky Numazawa 3-127
images, painting in Korakuen
Jacky Numazawa 4-105
A block, Daisuke Sekimoto undefeated league, pass second place, Sami Callahan gave the Okabayashi in the main. Ranked # 1 B block, Yoshito Sasaki defeated Bad Bones in a semi-, second place narrowly defeated Bad Bones. This result, all matchups have been announced and the combination of the tournament final.
Today competition Fuji
in the main form like this is!
3776 deathmatch Fuji Pro Wrestling original Tower of Dai Nippon
My favorite food is meat, vegetables do not like
Jacky Numazawa 5-80
Opening!! DX-2 this year
this year is played in combination Saitama with Hashimoto
last year BB and angel Ishikawa
And what kind of competition was this? From the look on Numazawa's face you might think that it was a farting competition (which no doubt has happened in Big Japan) but no, it appears to be a meat eating competition.
Hokkaido is a lot, gliding sidewalks And the snow but a matter of course
Kushiro slippery-smooth, especially
's I bought there
spike attached to the shoes!
not fall down even once
Jacky Numazawa 6-51Jacky Numazawa 7-42
Today is housecleaning! From the morning
was challenged wearing a tie got to buckle down

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