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Post  Hisame on Sat Mar 17, 2012 11:22 am

An hour ago CIMA has stated that he is sitting in a McDonalds and crying. No idea why.
the official iPhone app The Adventures of CIMA is

Here is a bag for putting new iPad
I don't understand the iPad craze or why people would sleep outside a store for days and then stampede for it.
Today I'm doing back workout. I should make upper back! Is the day of the back.

I've been back and knock over the hotel bed over on the evening of Saturday from midnight Friday, will actually become acute gastritis. I got hit or not an injection of pain on Saturday morning, at about 14 or effect greasy sweat ran out again. (· · Hospitals Wink I have already closed and I moved from Tokyo to Yokohama from there I got to rest at the hotel until around 5:00 pm after all.

Hong Kong airport. Eating the last litter; Gonzo ^ ^ dim sum before starting from now!

I'm drinking white wine Kanpai Cheers (^ ^).
Fatigue and drunk last night?
Thunder Fireee!!! Atsushi Onita will against Stalker Ichikawa in March 25th. Wild Thing!! ー ー ー ー Thunder ー ー ー ー ー Fire! ! Onita! Onita! # Dragongate
Who let Onita in?

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