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Post  Hisame on Sat Mar 31, 2012 10:15 am

BLOG: Jun Kasai 5-81
From now on, DEATH will blow off to Takashi Sasaki's anger until now!
They are feuding, I think in Freedoms
"Craftsman pelvis" which had been ordered has arrived in the GG Machida! ! You can care neck and shoulders, back, waist, such as this one! ! DEATH usually of a certain languor or pain between the shoulder from the neck, were treated only 10 minutes before going to bed last night, and pain was eased
BLOG: Jun Kasai 1-178
Tired after a long time in training! ! From the hot water of healing! ! I was able to soak in bathtubs slowly after a long time!
BLOG: Jun Kasai 2-151
From coming back to Yokohama, DEATH symptoms of hay fever is terrible! ! Lazy flowing like a waterfall runny nose, sneezing barrage party rolling up! !
Hayfever season has started, expect pretty much everyone to mention it
Ice Ribbon & Dainichi Nagoya tournament
BLOG: Jun Kasai 3-128
Take a shower because there is no energy to watch erotic DVD, from the deep sleep in the reclining bed for 3 hours, ice ribbon to the Nagoya tournament!
Work of art
BLOG: Jun Kasai 4-106
Of stone relief from the fans who have been done a craftsman of stone shop in Okayama tournament yesterday.
BLOG: Jun Kasai 6-52
fart also be multiplied
I think its time to stop here.

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