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Archive: Kintaro Kanemura (November 2005)

Post  Hisame on Fri Apr 20, 2012 9:07 am

A prominent gay in Sapporo
Whom I believe came to a Big Japan show once - I couldnt work out whether it was a very ugly woman or a man.
Fear. Scary things.
Some things listed (and according to the translation) are;
His ex-wife (a Joshi from what I understand) and paying money to her, Gedo & Jed, Tenryu, Riki Chosu,
Kaoru (the boss wife), High place (Institute of high altitude fear).
Small Office (Office of claustrophobia fear).
Apache Pro Wrestling army regional game (deficit).
Haunted (spirits).
Night ( absolutely impossible! )。
The lavatory stayed at someone's House at midnight
, a drunken Deisuke Sekimoto,
When drunk, have no memory.
General anesthesia before surgery.
Dental treatment.
Cancer sentenced ( really was told two years ago ).
and then....
Man hair ( lolicon darn but I love shaved pussy! )。
Rolling Eyes

Daisuke downy erotic talk and such consultation
I ignite my farts
I can imagine that this was common practice in the W*ng\FMW\Apache Pro dressing rooms. No doubt Onita has cut a promo on it at one time.

Robot bought Universal Studios a few years ago


Photos of more than 10 years ago
Can you guess who this is? (A: Its Jaki Numazawa)

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