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Post  Hisame on Thu Apr 26, 2012 9:39 am

Come to love Osaka
Abandoned land do not know
Can't enjoy the food of Osaka
Which I guess puts Megumi in the minority on these boards considering how much everyone else loves it.
Hiking in. Hiking in
Jelem, jelem

Megumi Kudo 1-192
Greetings to Mr. Fujinami
Today the lovely Tulip
I saw here and there
I, and see the Tulip
Things to remember
Such as her first day at elementary school and the story about drawing the tulips and her mother telling her to draw it vertically rather than horizontally and Megumi pointing out that it was horizontally.
The beginning of the week...
So tired from Monday
Megumi Kudo 2-163Megumi Kudo 3-139
Dump and it's back figure photos,
It is my favorite photo.
Players at their own way
Wait for the turn.
Warming-up tight people,
Quiet spirit to unite people,
Variety, but particularly in FMW
Emphasize the atmosphere of the place
And speaking of FMW......
Megumi Kudo 4-116
Mr. 大仁田 at the retail store
大仁田 fan base is
Really wide and enthusiastic
Noble also this day full
Megumi Kudo 5-90
And Ricky says
Responsible for drums in the band
This nostalgic reunion it is

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