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Post  Hisame on Mon Apr 30, 2012 8:34 pm

Tag team with marufuji players

Ah ~ want it want it

Our ingrained ishimori players sweat and odor
Apparently he wore it before the match and during the intermission....
Mono take battle fatigue.
Sleep, nutrition, treatment and other

And slowly soak bath with a 40 degree centigrade.
Sweat out furiously.

Come home Yone, binge eating Yone
No. I don't know what he's talking about.
April ~ cherry blossom drink alcohol-I'll-
Drink alcohol you drink:
I'll drink alcohol: ♪
Yone House-the one year I'll drink inside-alcohol-
Drink alcohol I'll drink-
I'll drink alcohol-♪
I think he may be drunk...

Everyone is drinking, while
Non-alcoholic toast ishimori you ♪
Though he's a dude

After a long time the store is closed

Rikio is still around
Training at Gold's gym Omori store today!
At exit after lounge
Protein, glutamine
Creatine, banana, 2 books
Mix was mixed with milk

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