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Post  Hisame on Wed May 02, 2012 9:54 am

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As a student of the professional wrestling at Ohra Dojo practising maimiku riccati.
She, the first stage of the Judo. While I like Dojo look Shimada Hiroshi election hands in coaches useful praised the makings of her recently
Were taught basic passive exercise deliberately.
5/13 Come WWS isesaki city boundary Convention will be her debut.
For more information tomorrow ISE Kawasaki newspaper so best regards!
From the picture it looks like Pogo has been teaching Judo, not sure if that is the case though

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Demonic road returns
That's the translation for Gannosuke - it looks like Pogo is getting involved with this as well
Mister Pogo vsTHE KABUKI (heaven Dragon Project)
So today I had time after a long built the dish. Name it Pogo special bowls.
salmon, scallop, squid, yellowtail
Plus shrimp, sea urchin and rice
Come 5/13 so send the isesaki boundary Convention card thank you.
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6 Man Street fight (hours unlimited one bout)
Mister Pogo, Yoshiaki Fujiwara and magnitude Kishiwada VS Atsushi onita, Masayoshi Motegi, inatoi by Masaru
But I was trying to start a diet from last month... starting tomorrow with... and the next day.
And also, eat... and only tomorrow I'll eat! And I like eating delicious but vowed to mind would be the next day.
Around the belly too chubby

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