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Post  Hisame on Sat May 19, 2012 10:24 am

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the logo of rock band is often skull is used
Ricky Fuji 3-144
Rock music is enjoyable race, rich and poor, young and old, regardless
That is true, back in the days when people actually cared about Oasis even my Aunt bought "Don't look back in anger"

Ricky Fuji 4-120
Photos of New Japan Pro Wrestling at the camp Hakone,,, I'm at the age of 18, Mr. Muto Konishiki, is the top right next to its neighbor brother, Atisanoe, under which Mr. Antonio Inoki, Kengo Kimura, Mr., Mr. Sano of Noah, that's under Mr. Arakawa and Mr. Hoshino Kantaro! Mr. Sakaguchi, Mr. Fujinami, Mr. liger, Mr. AKIRA, Mr. Funaki, Hashimoto, Chono and solarium is within the one to the other photos Although not reflected! I miss
The day before yesterday, because of race, right in the middle of Kabukicho ยท tournament came to this city, Shinjuku FACE Onita box office!
Ricky Fuji 5-92
Confrontation in the shade of the original Tiger Mask vs deathmatch Onita thickness, flashed the movement of Gran Hamada partner of Tiger Mask! Slung barbed wire to the board! Pawabomu receive barbed wire on the board! And once again this great father beyond the 60-year-old father
Treasured photos!
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Ricky Fuji 009
FMW photo of me of 20 years ago
Work it baby!

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Ricky Fuji Empty Re: Ricky Fuji

Post  BAHU on Thu Jun 28, 2012 8:16 am

You need to get back to Ricky as he has written a couple of blogs about meeting me!


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