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Post  Hisame on Wed May 23, 2012 9:07 pm

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(This isn't from Ryo Saito's blog, but does anyone else find it the thing of nightmares? Seeing parts of Onita you never wanted to see?)
(Sat) June 16, launched the stadium, at the official shop "Wakayama MEMORIAL GATE 2012 in" DVD!
Limited to 500 pieces
Store manager for one hour!
All he did was sell t-shirts

Blog: Ryo Saito 2-174
Maiko in Kyoto
I dont think that Dragongate has the money to hire her out for the night and this had better have been a quick photo. Anyone talking to a Geisha or a Maiko for a long period of time is likely to find themselves hit with a huge bill....
Today Tsushima tournament ! Tomorrow Korakuen ! March 25 and Big match. Iwade, Wakayama tournament ! ! There is also a bus tour it. Let's go up along with the Maraisa Iwade! !
Maybe he's fleeing the Mama-sans.....

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