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Post  Hisame on Sat Jun 02, 2012 10:02 am

Well, Shinkiba of Shikurebe tournament.
Lucha libre is difficult.
Alongside "I was tierd" (Kanemaru) and "wry smile" (Hashi), Ito has joined the catchphrase club and wishes you to know that "I will do my best". Incase you forget it he has pasted it everywhere. Sometimes others are required to help him;
I will do my best with all their might
Total eclipse of the sun tomorrow.
Please don't let it be Abby causing it
I have made ​​fruit wine
Miyamoto players miss is the big box office of Japan Pro Wrestling tomorrow day after tomorrow.
Isami player is now playing instead.
Miyamoto had planned to participate because of the "fractured metatarsal second left foot", we will miss.
Probably got it running to a porn shop
I will do my best from now messed up.
Well, Shizuoka convention.
Successfully completed without any major injury.
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Image of Mount Fuji today was taken on the way back.

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