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Post  Hisame on Sat Jun 09, 2012 2:42 pm

Kojima's blog is in the doesn't-translate-easily category, so here is what I have managed to sift

Forthcoming title match after about a week later. I do not know each other's anger to be a good match has linked well, only losing is I will do my best not to yell.
Yesterday, Kasukabe, Saitama tournament. After you finished your chores at home, to the dojo. From noon to just, you start the practice. Looking at the figure a lot of players that work up a sweat, there is a portion to be inspired again. Can not lose. But a bad back (tears).
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Yesterday, Kyoto convention. In about an hour's drive from Osaka, was checked into the hotel in Kyoto. I think I wrote before, I like to see the town of Kyoto. Emotion is being felt in all temples and buildings, may be healed. I've seen a variety of the city of Japan, Kyoto is the most fantastic I think.
That PAC player, very polite, it was learned a little Japanese pronunciation is so beautiful. Had a chance to talk a little bit (in English), had to say and talk with "I know each player and T of Dragon Gate" "He is a really nice guy" and. "It 's right, for You are everyone It' s a friend" I was saying "No, not my friend player. Of Dragon Gate 's Family" and say and was impressive. This PAC player, they have not yet seen the world!
Or as British indie wrestler Spud put it "body of Adonis, face like Peter Beardsley"
(For those who dont or wont know who Peter Beardsley is - he is a phenomenly ugly ex football player)
I will do my best today and also this is why. Today, at ยท KBS Hall in Kyoto, 00 minutes when 18 is gong.

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