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Post  Hisame on Sat Jun 16, 2012 10:41 pm

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Before I start this blog I would like to mention that I went to a carboot (a.k.a yard sale) this morning and I managed to find a Mike Awesome figure (complete with mullet). Sadly it is not an FMW product (most likely WWE and definately not WCW) but its good enough and its now sitting at home on top of some puro dvd's. Fortunately this figure doesn't have detachable pants....
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Now back to Sasaki
Today, live appearance from morning to the Yonago BSS radio!
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So, will fly with Kitaro from now!
Shocked WTF is that?
Our's wrestling FREEDOMS also began to move slowly towards the midsummer Deathmatch tournament
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Takeshi Sasaki 7-50
Ogura downtown in the evening until 4
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A so a local adult wrestling organizations, hell-bent shopping center Downtown night centered on daytime's Pro Wrestling I of cooperation under the poster pasted, I went to promote!
Is it just me or does Sasaki look like he is crying in that picture?

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Resurrection, wonderful man!
I have no idea what that is Sasaki is holding there
King Abdullah annihilated by pressed Numazawa challenge are decided next to the Deathmatch Championship momentum in the game
And speaking of "King Abdullah".....
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