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Post  Hisame on Sun Jun 17, 2012 10:52 pm

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Stew or curry ... but worried about putting a cone of water and canned fried bacon in the fridge anyway so there was onion and when the morning came back was to the stew.
I came home at midnight. Sure enough not to sleep ... Once in the bath
There is footage of Morishima. In the bath. On YouTube. Takeshi Morishima Eck07 No. I'm not kidding.
Ricky was rowdy gaijin
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Yone house
Takeshi Morishima 3-150
Men's first experience care because it is open from tomorrow horny nail salon
Its not some seedy bar, its just the translation throwing something up Takeshi Morishima 023
Body covered with bruises ...
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Today yesterday ended the game and rest relax today
AKA get very drunk (as NOAH don't allow drinking while on tour)

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I don't know where this is, but its very Japanese, and its very cool.

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