Tsutomo Sugi and Hercules Tenga

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Tsutomo Sugi and Hercules Tenga

Post  Hisame on Tue Jun 19, 2012 8:43 pm

Lets see what these pests have been up to
Good morning

Mr. Karate in the rain
Raising his hand to cross the pedestrian crossing
Recent hobby has been changed to push-ups from squat. Rules do 100 times a day of push-ups
Pinpomu. I have bar and table tennis chango! ! Hold grip of the racket a long time. The smell of rubber. Larry swinging sound. Unbearable

Dinner was because my father came to Tokyo. It, but when talking about this! ? Also came to see me wrestling red and white, I went back happily. Enjoyed a superstar like rumble.
Sato gave me macho figure of King!

Another year has passed since you died My Hero, Randy Savage
And then he follows it up with....

Two involved in the pants
Rolling Eyes

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