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Post  Hisame on Fri Aug 03, 2012 10:36 pm

Rokkakubashi tournament tomorrow. I think the bustling city also recently been increasing new personal shopping mall Rokkakubashi There are image of the old shopping district. Please try to hang around the city before or after the game means everyone comes to watch. I also probably have to hang out.
I hope this hanging out isn't literal or the kind of hanging out you find Abby doing on Miyamoto's blog
Topic of the Olympics and just watching the news. Mr. Matsumoto of Women's Judo gold medal is now an issue. Foul at the end of the overtime win. Showa and the results it seems wrestling match only to see the results. War Japan Pro Wrestling Death Match Heavyweight Title of large foul ruling is unlikely.

BLOG: Abby 1-770
Today's photo drink 20 raw eggs did before the war Ishikawa.
BLOG: Abby 2-182
V4 Death Match Championship wins is heavy with Drake Younger in Korakuen Hall. Spike is still hurts, crash to face syringe was quite shocking.
Has a hot fight in the Olympics is now Japan's camp. Do you want to fight I uphold the Japaneseness.
BLOG: Abby 3-153
To prepare himself for the outdoor Osaka match (where he looks like someone has carved his face up) Abby went on a tanning bed. Take THAT image through the day.
Tropical beer garden tournament today in Kochi Prefecture.
Hot people of Kochi. And Intense heat will enter and liquor.
I think everyone is reading this blog that I think human beings have a high tolerance for pain. Thinks that I am confident we afford some pain. Take off the costume in the waiting room the other day in Hiroshima after the competition, take off shoes, stood up in a state of naked when I stepped on one of the thumbtack.
Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the image conjured in your head by reading that or for any action you may take to get rid of it.

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