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Post  Hisame on Tue Mar 20, 2012 9:05 am

Hiroshima tournament yesterday, Thank you for your support. Thank you a lot of hot cheer.
Sunny feeling is fighting, in bad weather is best. Large Hiroshima Japan Pro Wrestling tournament, thank you cheering today. Everyone player will fight in the best fight.
I met an old friend of Meitokugijuku junior high school age living in Kyoto, March 24, seniors. There has been living together when the time is susceptible, and Yoshimi of school days, we have to talk to a lot of memories. Every day, while I think that will be devoted to serving the game like I want to watch a wrestling tournament in Kyoto Japan's first large-large-Japan Pro Wrestling, and also, somehow you want to be successful. Please, everyone come, large tournament in Kyoto Japan Pro Wrestling, to cheer. Thank you.
original Dai Nippon Pro Wrestling game 1 minute 30 3776 deathmatch Fuji Tower of Kankuro Hoshino devil Numazawa "Black Angels" Jun Kasai vs Takashi Sasaki Journal Makoto Takeda Kobayashi Abdullah 3 meters 77 centimeters in height · · · and 3776 Fuji ※ Tower of giant fluorescent light tower is set to 6 mm. Upon Fuji inaugural tournament, proposed to be produced by using a large number of fluorescent light Grade 2 meters is provided from local fans, the People's Champion Abdullah Kobayashi.
Today I went to Kyoto Achilles top gym. Training of chest bench press
By the way, was on the cover of this week's weekly wrestling. Is on sale nationwide acclaimed bookstore, convenience store, kiosk, etc.. Come, please purchase

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