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Apache Pro (November 2008) Empty Apache Pro (November 2008)

Post  Hisame on Wed Aug 08, 2012 7:41 pm

Apache Pro (November 2008) 1-3
...Tetsuhiro Kuroda
Another birthday is not too much, is Kyoshuku · · I got a Mister Donut and Yamagata sake of there! !
Now is 4:30 in the morning too! Was drinking in Roppongi and director until a while ago
I dont understand how this mans liver is still functioning
Today I bought the Nintendo DSi is selling so well
patronize a beauty salon to cut hair in the evening. In the hair salon and handsome!
November 23 Today is my 37th birthday!
Kuroda will always look like he is in his late twenties
I got a little early birthday present from the fans at the venue today.
He doesn't say what it was
Apache Shinkiba yesterday at the convention! Teamed Mammoth, and Mr. Nakagawa, fluorescent light for the first time
Now! 3:30 is too late at night. Is dead both physically and mentally · · lost the championship the previous WEW.

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