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Post  Hisame on Fri Aug 10, 2012 10:35 pm

Atsushi Onita 1-5
Akebono player was strong indeed
Atsushi Onita 2-3
Texas Street Fight Death Match
A friend sent it to him on Facebook apparently. I am pretty sure whoever this "friend" is they where never in FMW\Onita Pro\Kiss N Cry\The Japanese Diet\Nagasaki Philamonic Choir Wink

Atsushi Onita 3-3
Also on the card was Leatherface and Dump Matsumoto

Atsushi Onita 4-2
'll Dope! Wire mesh in a death match he Uozu Toyama Prefecture
Posters in the city is
"Dope"? - please say he's not trying to be hip

Atsushi Onita 5-1Atsushi Onita 6-1
Today's live was overcrowded
Atsushi Onita 7-1
Today is the Dragon Gate is the game in Kobe
Different team in the last Mike
Cima Thanksミhe shouted the name of the body
Atsushi Onita 8-1
Atsushi Onita 9-1
Do not run away Akebono
Yeah, I dont think that Akebono has done anything like running for a long long time

Atsushi Onita 10-2
....and this is Onita's mother.

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