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Post  Hisame on Tue Aug 14, 2012 11:03 pm

Might rain? No such relationship gate!
No idea WHAT he is on about
KBS Hall in Kyoto DG tournament end the second day of Obon races! De way back I came home to eat with friends swish swish and Turkish cuisine.

Limited time for additional shirts had sold out in the break tag league!
It is morning of Wednesday. As usual, wake up at cafe

Last night I went to the shop after a long time and Greek cuisine! Alla Pace in Fukushima Osaka Greek salad
His wife is half Greek and lives there with their daughter - last I heard CIMA was thinking of retiring so he could spend more time with his family. In regards to my family and Greece, I know that I had an ancestor who maintained a house in Athens but the majority of them came from the Thessaly region and some from Crete.

Most Japanese couldn't abide this (and sadly being lactose intolerant now neither can I) but CIMA is made from sterner stuff it seems to eat a slice of feta with olive oil poured over it and the obligatory olives, and what better to finish this repast off with?

Frappe staple of summer in Greece

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