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Post  Hisame on Thu Aug 16, 2012 1:11 am

Daisuke Ikeda 1-8Daisuke Ikeda 2-6
Nostalgic night wind
FUNNY TRANSLATION: the Lennox brothers- read how they die!
Olympics over
Like finally summer feeling hahha
Daisuke Ikeda 3-6
Hot and spicy would want to eat!
Daisuke Ikeda 4-5
Shop for the first time to go
From the top menu
Eat it
Belly, ramshackle
Order of latency
Long ~~~~~ not! lol
I don't think that needs any kind of explanation

Daisuke Ikeda 5-3
It was sweltering.
It was very hot today!
Daisuke Ikeda 6-2
First meeting with fine fur cat covered in ash around your ass is full of shit
Lets have a show of hands - who has cat fut covered in ash that is around their ass and full of shit?

Daisuke Ikeda 7-2
Hand washing in the momentum of the car wash
Good sweating silly

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