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ARCHIVE: Masato Tanaka (January 2010) Empty ARCHIVE: Masato Tanaka (January 2010)

Post  Hisame on Tue Mar 20, 2012 9:09 am

Came back from America on January 26th and on January 27th its straight back to work at Shinjuku Face.
Dopey head are still jet-lagged.
Whilst in America, (instead of concentrating solely on Japanese food), Tanaka "grabbed something different" to feel the atmosphere and cultural change, although to his chagrin he couldn't find calorie black oolong tea anywhere.

Since ECW One Night Stand he finally met Terry Funk again. They met in a restaurant one night - it appears Taijiri was there also.

ARCHIVE: Masato Tanaka (January 2010) Tanakamasato-2009-12-31T15:35:19-1

New year was spent at Hayabusa's house....watching FMW videos. Tanaka looks back on himself and is amazed that he was so fat!

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