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Post  Hisame on Fri Aug 17, 2012 10:21 pm

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Tomorrow, said poking around today's birthday match. Come enjoy the 43-year-old's first match.
Togo is a) in Bolivia b)43 and c) I can't believe he is 43

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A bride shopping soul catches fire
His wife went on a big shopping spree apparently
I buy a bandana 5 Bs.
Was determined to eat for lunch today at PANAMERICANA HOTEL lunch buffet.
This is because it is in the PICANTE DE LENGUA ( Picante de Lengua
Blog: Dick Togo 3-7
Cook beef tongue cooked soft with Picante de Lengua is under hot sauce. But hard time so it barely not.

Ate, thought up until now, has challenged various Bolivia cuisine, delicious thing never never.
But... it is seriously delicious!
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Blog: Dick Togo 5-4
Finally the bride feel better.

Which you go.

Does not come first, it had shined shoes dirty, go to the Valley of the moon.
One time 2 Bs (about 22 yen) shoe shine.
Blog: Dick Togo 6-3
Wild pigeon Uncle showcased here.
Blog: Dick Togo 7-3
One of the passengers
Looks like one of Slipknot got on the Centro minibus

Blog: Dick Togo 8-2
One key to the restaurant toilets. Shift, can't lock key.
:Smile Look for this to be a trend

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