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Post  Hisame on Sun Aug 19, 2012 10:53 am

Dump Matsumoto 3-9
I am the sea!
Dump Matsumoto 1-11
How far away from the beaches ... Mount Fuji. See? ?
Dump Matsumoto 2-8
Sizzling hot rain I shook for a moment
Dump Matsumoto 4-7
I don't know who that is but Dump has funky hair, so I thought I would throw it in
China expedition
Dump Matsumoto 5-5
Dump Matsumoto 6-4
Came a lot of customers. The venue was sold out ... 5-6000 people
Buffet meals every day. All you can eat
It was a fun expedition China.
Hair bleaching. I was also eyebrows ...
Japan will work hard!
Japan will hold on!
A good one day ... Happy.
Dump Matsumoto 7-4Dump Matsumoto 8-3
Ryogoku Kokugikan
Dump has been to see the sumo (Pogo was once sumo) - she went to what is known as the "topknot cutting ceremony".

Sumo wrestlers with sekitori status are required on certain occasions to wear their hair in a more elaborate form of topknot called an oicho or ginkgo leaf style, where the end of the topknot is splayed out to form a semicircle, resembling a hand fan (sensu). Given the uniqueness of the style in modern Japan, the Sumo Association employs specialist hairdressers called tokoyama to cut and prepare sumo wrestlers' hair.

The chonmage is of such symbolic importance in sumo that snipping it off is the centerpiece of a wrestler's retirement ceremony. Dignitaries and other important people in a wrestler's life are invited to take one snip, with the final one taken by his trainer.

In Shinjuku Face
35th Anniversary Tournament Onita thickness.

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