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Post  Hisame on Thu Aug 23, 2012 10:26 pm

The Great Sasuke NGO Japan Healthcare Promotion Association has enthusiastically cheer! ! ! ! This activity we have many people in Cambodia are saved
Sadly it won't let me post the picture but Sasuke has posted a picture of himself on the front cover of a magazine sporting a six pack and speedos...and Go Shiozaki is appearing for "Beer Garden Pro Wrestling" which is a VERY bad idea.
Finally tonight and tomorrow night, and the beer garden wrestling in Hachinohe Ticino! ! It was also very popular at the end of last month! ! Everyone who visited us, thank you! ! ! And also, I will drink! ! !
I don't know, Sasuke seems to me to be a mean drunk
Hey I saw. Than "The Dark Knight" previous work longer that 2 hours 44 minutes long while
Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy has been observed that the co-star!
The older Gary Oldman gets, the more he looks like Dracula

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