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Post  Hisame on Sat Aug 25, 2012 1:16 am

Hinagu hot spring
BLOG: Hayabusa 1-13
Taking a bath.
BLOG: Hayabusa Eck24 WHAT is it with him and getting his can out?

BLOG: Hayabusa 2-9
Hinagu sunset
He's at home in Kumamoto

BLOG: Hayabusa 3-10
Two is well!
His daughters are growing up - doesn't the girl on the left look like her father?
Want to become a power fighter like Hansen and Brody was captivated by Super beast Combi high school student and disciple of the FMW, devoted to the practice.

But I wasn't a chance to eventually play only once, remember that terribly excited.

So Hansen listen to my accident and seems to have me worried.

"How are you? A HAYABUSA. Are you OK?---"

I was happy, I got word that.

In rapid succession will talk while still putting hand on my shoulder.

His eyes were filled with tenderness.
BLOG: Hayabusa 5-6
BLOG: Hayabusa 4-8
I sing "the way of the men" nomber 42 played in Ricky Fuji has revved up!
We are enthusiastic namijin Mr. Keychain gift?!
BLOG: Hayabusa 6-5
The keychain isn't actually official merch, from what I can make out someone (I think a woman) was giving them out to people who came to an event.

BLOG: Hayabusa 7-5BLOG: Hayabusa 9-2BLOG: Hayabusa 8-4
Please get us this opportunity!
Anniversary of the end of World War II
Today is Armistice Day. When this time of year, reminds me of the time I was in the bath with my father and grandfather.
Hayabusa remembers that his Grandfather had a scar on his leg from a bullet he recieved in the war. It seems that his Grandfather had also been in the area when the bomb was dropped on Nagasaki (historical fact: Nagasaki was never intended to be a target, there was heavy clouds over the area that day and the co-ordinates got mixed up)

BLOG: Hayabusa 10-3
Yotsukura Port Road Station
BLOG: Hayabusa 11-1
BLOG: Hayabusa 12
I went!
BLOG: Hayabusa 13
And around the back of such pomp and reality that has not been disposed of rubble that had been left stacked ... still.
BLOG: Hayabusa 14
But the recovery is progressing steadily!
BLOG: Hayabusa 15
Time prior to 2:46 PM of the earthquake and silent prayer, everyone flowers.

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