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Post  Hisame on Sat Aug 25, 2012 1:16 am

Hinagu hot spring

Taking a bath.
WHAT is it with him and getting his can out?

Hinagu sunset
He's at home in Kumamoto

Two is well!
His daughters are growing up - doesn't the girl on the left look like her father?
Want to become a power fighter like Hansen and Brody was captivated by Super beast Combi high school student and disciple of the FMW, devoted to the practice.

But I wasn't a chance to eventually play only once, remember that terribly excited.

So Hansen listen to my accident and seems to have me worried.

"How are you? A HAYABUSA. Are you OK?---"

I was happy, I got word that.

In rapid succession will talk while still putting hand on my shoulder.

His eyes were filled with tenderness.

I sing "the way of the men" nomber 42 played in Ricky Fuji has revved up!
We are enthusiastic namijin Mr. Keychain gift?!

The keychain isn't actually official merch, from what I can make out someone (I think a woman) was giving them out to people who came to an event.

Please get us this opportunity!
Anniversary of the end of World War II
Today is Armistice Day. When this time of year, reminds me of the time I was in the bath with my father and grandfather.
Hayabusa remembers that his Grandfather had a scar on his leg from a bullet he recieved in the war. It seems that his Grandfather had also been in the area when the bomb was dropped on Nagasaki (historical fact: Nagasaki was never intended to be a target, there was heavy clouds over the area that day and the co-ordinates got mixed up)

Yotsukura Port Road Station

I went!

And around the back of such pomp and reality that has not been disposed of rubble that had been left stacked ... still.

But the recovery is progressing steadily!

Time prior to 2:46 PM of the earthquake and silent prayer, everyone flowers.

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