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Dick Togo ("the backpacking wrestler")

Post  Hisame on Wed Mar 21, 2012 9:43 am

Earthquake had Mexico at 12 o'clock noon. Near Acapulco in the epicenter, it is said the 7.9 magnitude.
Citi also vibrate considerably.
He says he is fine
Calm Japanese are accustomed to earthquakes
Today gym is closed holidays.
So did lay about in the room in the morning.

from the afternoon stroll I revolution monument square, was full of people.

Discover magazine when I went to the home of Ultraman

In the House filled with trophies and photos.

Its at Ultraman's house (which Togo says is big). When he arrived Ultraman's dad was barbecuing meat in the yard.

Today is the birthday of Hijo de Ultraman brother. Everyone was celebrating.

Phew, full stomach.
Comes out Saturday is market day.
I came to buy eggs, vegetables, and fruits.
Evening, I got "wedding anniversary celebrations is" cigar

Sorry, buy a Che t-shirt in secret.

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