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BLOG: Jun Kasai

Post  Hisame on Mon Aug 27, 2012 11:33 am

For cervical disc injury, players Seishi Takeda was scheduled to compete in the tournament Korakuen produce pure deathmatch tournament tomorrow
Unfortunately he will not be appearing for Kasai promotions

Arms and abs training today at GG Machida. Plus a 40-minute aerobic exercise.
Protein produced in large overseas cheap! ! And delicious! ! Whey protein is a pure love of the "Champion" I Tsu Chi! Among them, "Cookies & Cream" is a favorite! !
After the game, complaining of a bad fit in the waiting room, is transported to the hospital by ambulance, GENTARO players who participated in the tournament semi FREEDOMS Sapporo on August 5, was admitted to hospital in Sapporo as it is. Although all testing is not yet ended right now, from your doctor to diagnose that it is one of the cerebral infarction was made.
It seems that GENTARO may have had some kind of stroke
GENTARO player himself has a strong desire to return to the ring, we have to start rehab immediately from the day after admission. Paralysis of part of the body is also seen at the time of admission, and that the current recovery is showing at the speed of your doctor is surprised about. I are working hard every day in the hospital for rehabilitation

Kasai bought these for his son, it appears his favourite is Rey Mysterio.
A long time ago but I wanted a rugged dog, now I want a small cute dog.

Griddle! ! Morning Food
So he ate Fruit Granola for breakfast.

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