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Post  Hisame on Thu Aug 30, 2012 11:49 pm

Katsumasa Inoue 1-19
Image taken from the son born in the memory card.
Contains 4,000 pieces.
Went to the pool.
Outdoor facility is so hot
Yes, played from noon until dark!
Then I swam!
Diving got!
Last weekend I
Maybe during the Obon holiday period than
Ain't hot??
It was early morning everyone is sleeping.
Katsumasa Inoue 2-14
Wake up in shock who fell on my face.
I sympathise with you - it happens alot in my house. We get used as springboards on weekends.

Katsumasa Inoue 3-15
Suddenly it Maeda, Akira-San vs.
Buy and desperately want to watch
I wonder if it had the match where Maeda fell on Masa Saito, it was on like Donkey Kong then
But forgot to go to the toilet.
Katsumasa Inoue 1120
Like no go to the bathroom only 1 times?

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