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Post  Hisame on Fri Aug 31, 2012 11:48 pm

Michinoku Pro Wrestling today is played. I wonder what the game will be alright? Are you going to watch
I wish!
But this year is 10th anniversary of Japan Muto Kazuhayashi 20 anniversary 40th anniversary of All Japan Pro Wrestling and -such is the anniversary year I still shining!
Kaz Hayashi 1-20
20th anniversary game surrounded by great members.
I'm happy I can be in this game.
Kojima is always happy - even in ROH when he almost killed Homicide.
While eating
I ate.
Kaz Hayashi 2-15
Eat meat at all
Eat meat or heavily
I'm tired of eating meat eat meat!
Eat meat meat side dish!

Cheetah was super!
Kaz Hayashi 158He ate what? I would have thought eating that kind of meat was highly illegal...unless of course Cheetah is the name of the restaurant.

Kaz Hayashi 3-16
After the competition Sanjo
dinner event with the fans! It was a fun time. There is a question-and-answer session at the All-Japan players fight hard? Who are the players you'd like to partner with other organizations? If you have any questions, etc
I have a question - Kaz did you really eat a cheetah?

Kaz Hayashi 4-12
Open horse mackerel!
The final practice before the series ends came to Kazuba of Kitasenju! Genghis Khan now! This is I'm good! Do not drink alcohol.
If "Genghis Khan" means what I think he means, its a heavy brand of cigarettes (think Marlboro)
Perform a "Keiji Muto & Jimmy Yang vs Satoshi Kojima & Kaz" as the 20th anniversary of his debut game in the gymnasium
I was wondering where Jimmy had gone

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