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Post  Hisame on Fri Sep 07, 2012 1:20 am

Not similar.
Archive: Kintaro Kanemura (October 2005) B1
Yaro stupid guy
All I can imagine is that someone has said that whoever this is and Kanemura look like. I can't see it myself.
Archive: Kintaro Kanemura (October 2005) B2
Today I leave at noon or from Hustle House
Pendulum clock.
Archive: Kintaro Kanemura (October 2005) B3
Also works both eyes and legs move.
I think about 24 hours, and most are thinking about naked woman definitely
WHY am I not surprised? The rest of the blog goes on to say something about busty blondes in erotic magazines, his family being opposed to deathmatches, Deisuke Sekimoto lifting some woman's leotard in a teahouse and erotic mail that his grandfather recieved.
I want to drink more!
Drunk! I went to bed! I got up now! 5:35 p.m..
South Korea had done almost every month in a game at FMW.
Left my medicine
Archive: Kintaro Kanemura (October 2005) B4
Multi-vitamin, calcium, Zima? (ZMA), turmeric, zinc, and maca.
Once upon a time, did both shoulder dislocation or (earlier) or neck fracture of the fourth lumbar vertebra compression fracture I will never accumulate increasing pain as soon as you miss this!
Closed Sundays cock.
Archive: Kintaro Kanemura (October 2005) B5
2-3 Sun this, my penis you are quiet
Archive: Kintaro Kanemura (October 2005) Eck07

Kanemura then posts a list of nicknames
Kuroda - Kuroda.
Mammoth - Sumo bunk Gigolo
Big brother - shark Shinjuku
GENTARO ~ stupid, Heipo
TAKA to high, stupid, stupid.
Daisuke, Pussy boy, turtle.
While I think Shinjuku Shark is a waste of time, I don't really want to know how a nickname like "sumo bunk gigolo" is obtained....have fun remembering what Sekimoto's is next time you watch Big Japan.
This is some unpleasant story which hasn't translated well but seems to involve some promoter crapping his plastic pants in FMW and then....
During the tour, his cracking late at the hotel the phrase, painted by cracking that pass out in the middle shit is scattered in the wall and falcon Tanaka go and room, shit that Tanaka falcon
I have seen all of the Star Trek story 177 DVD in the past few days
"Departing from behind - Train Molester" masterpiece you should say the way Daisuke Sekimoto
Archive: Kintaro Kanemura (October 2005) B6
Press conference really look like a drunken drinking until the morning

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