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Post  Hisame on Sat Dec 22, 2012 12:04 pm

Well folks, its that time of year again in the Sasaki household. Akira has warned us all to not catch flu or the other winter plague, the Norovirus, which I have had before.

Akira Hakuto 1-24
Worked hard all really good year this year.
For you maybe, for me this year has really sucked

Akira Hakuto 2-19
Sunrise grateful - also plenty of dreams
I wonder what the future be?
I think, the age of the car is fly in the sky will come someday. Ni ~ I want to see UFO
And she has a chance to considering that the world didnt end yesterday ;D
Today did spend a fun day
Akira Hakuto 3-20Akira Hakuto 4-16
It is a pancake shop
Akira Hakuto 5-13Akira Hakuto 6-9Akira Hakuto 7-8
Birthday, the Mayan Calendar December 21 date world ends I'm the day that has been said it again tomorrow ... It's recorded today, I decided to make a birthday party in the Mexican
I normally save this ikon for people like Kota Ibushi, but I think its pretty apt here Akira Hakuto 1359 I guess if the world is going to end what better way to spend your last moments than eating (although one does spring to mind Akira Hakuto 045)

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